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Who We Are

We were founded to simplify financial decisions and provide you with the confidence to manage all aspects of your financial life. Millions of readers from various backgrounds turn to us for financial wisdom, from beginners to seasoned professionals. We’re here to elevate your financial knowledge.

Our Awards

We pride ourselves on the recognition we receive, such as:

  • 2022 Finance Content Marketing Award by Gramercy Institute
  • 2021 Best in Business Award for Medium Division by SABEW
  • 2020 Publisher of the Year by Digiday
  • 2019 FCS Portfolio Award for Branded Content
  • 2018 Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work Institute
  • And many more…

In the News

Our team’s insights are frequently featured across prominent news outlets:

Contact us at press@investopedia.com for media inquiries.

Editorial Team

Caleb Silver


Caleb Silver brings over 20 years of experience and numerous accolades (including a Peabody Award) to the table.

Anna Attkisson

Senior Editorial Director

Anna steers our content strategy, ensuring excellence across a vast range of topics including finance, small business, and technology.

Hilarey Gould

Senior Editorial Director, Financial Products & Services

With deep expertise in content strategy and SEO, Hilarey leads our financial products division.

For more key team members, see our detailed sections on each individual’s background and contribution to our mission.

Editorial Standards

Empowering, Accurate, and Unbiased

Our mission is to simplify and make financial information accessible, pushing for unbiased and accurate content at every turn. We uphold rigorous ethical standards aligned with Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing ethics, the Society for Professional Journalists, and FTC guidelines.

Regular Reviews

Our expert editorial and review boards ensure our content stays updated and factual. Each article features a byline with detailed info on contributors and timestamps for recent updates.

Financial Review Board

Diverse Expertise for Accurate Reviews

Our distinguished Financial Review Board comprises professionals from various financial sectors, ensuring our readers have access to reliable and knowledgeable insights. Learn more about our Financial Review Board.

Diverse Perspectives

Inclusive and Representative

We strive to see all viewpoints and backgrounds reflected in our content. This includes a robust Anti-Bias Review Board committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our material.

Fact Checking

Rigorous and Reliable

Our qualified fact-checkers use only reputable sources, upholding our commitment to accuracy across all our articles. Our goal is clear: delivering the highest quality, human-crafted content devoid of AI-generated text.


Transparency Matters

We ensure upfront reporting of any corrections, clearly dated and labeled to maintain our commitment to transparency and accuracy. Submit a correction via our Contact Us page.

Management Team

Meet Our Leaders

Investopedia thrives under the leadership of CEO Neil Vogel and our talented executive team including Ryan Walters, Michael Capecci, Megan LaCava, and more. Each brings a wealth of experience and dedication to fostering your financial awakening.

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