Unlock Your Career in the Canadian Securities Industry with the CSC™ Program

Explore how the Canadian Securities Course (CSC™) can pave the way for a successful career in the Canadian securities industry, covering exam details, topics, and career opportunities.

Introduction to the Canadian Securities Course (CSC™)

The Canadian Securities Course (CSC™) is considered the foundational course for many careers within the securities industry. Managed by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), the CSC™ offers essential training for individuals desiring roles in trading, investment advising, and portfolio management.

What Does the CSC™ Cover?

The course dives deeply into both fundamental and technical analysis, equipping you with robust tools for analyzing market trends and investment opportunities. It also addresses the diverse needs of both retail and institutional clients, providing a comprehensive understanding of customer service in the finance sector.

Key topics include:

  • Canadian securities regulations

  • Market and economic indicators

  • Fixed income products

  • Equity transactions

  • Corporate and financial analysis

CSC™ Examination Details

Entrants must undertake two multiple-choice examinations to be completed within a one-year timeframe from the registration date. Each exam requires a minimum passing score of 60%. Preparing thoroughly for these tests is crucial, as they form the gateway to obtaining official certification.

Career Opportunities Post-Certification

Upon passing the CSC™, opportunities open up across various dimensions of the securities industry such as:

  • Securities trading

  • Investment advisory roles

  • Portfolio management

Successful completion of the CSC™ satisfies educational prerequisites for trading mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds.

Tools for Exam Preparation

Ahead of the exams, comprehensive preparatory materials such as the CSC® Exams Textbook are invaluable. Moreover, practice applications such as CSC® Exams Sample Questions and Quizzes on the App Store can greatly enhance your readiness for the tests. These resources ensure that aspiring professionals have everything they need to succeed.


The Canadian Securities Course (CSC™) serves as a stepping stone for individuals eager to embark on a career in the finance and securities industry in Canada. With dedicated study, successful certification, and strategic utilization of available resources, candidates can look forward to thriving careers in this dynamic field.

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